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Recent Astronomical Events

Astronomical Events occurring in the night sky.

Total Lunar Eclipse Sequence 02/20/2008
6" scope & Canon 20D DSLR
Total Lunar Eclipse wide angle 125mm lens on 02/20/2008
Lunar Eclipse showing the Planet Saturn & Bright Star Regulus-Alpha Leo
Comet 17P/Holmes Outer Faint Halo visible
semi wide field image taken on 10/30/07
Comet 17P/Holmes Super wide angle
image showing the Comet in the Constellation of Perseus taken on 10/30/07
Comet 17P/Holmes Brightens Dramatically
closeup image on 10/29/07
Comet 17P/Holmes Photographic Finder Chart
as seen from the city of Dayton, Ohio on 10/29/07

Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 sweeps over M57 The Ring Nebula
on 2006-05-08 at 03:44:26.734 U.T.

Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 Passes M57 The Ring Nebula on 05-08-06 04:06:40.692 U.T.
Comet 73P SW-3 passes M57 The Ring Nebula

widefield 1 hour path image of the comet
1 hr image stack of the comet
1 minute image of comet & M57
See the video for yourself, click here for the Comet sweeping past the Ring Nebula - Video Clip (700K)
Click here for the Wide angle Canon 10D SLR & 4" Tak shot of the Comet sweeping past the Ring Nebula - Video Clip (2MB)
The Miami Valley Astronomical Society, & Apollo Rendezvous 2006, Dayton, Ohio
New Comet Pojmanski C/2006A1
03-05-06 currently visible at 5.5 magnitude due East just before dawn.
1744-06 RS Ophiuchi (NR) Recurrent Nova in Outburst at 5.3 mag. on 02/16/06
The brightest star at the center of this image - Naked Eye at discovery it reach 4.5 magnitude up from 12th magnitude.
RS Ophiuchi is in the constellation of Ophiuchus at coordinates RA: 17h 50m 13s, DEC: -06d, 42m, 30s
Click here for a finder chart from the AAVSO: AAVSO finder chart and details
Click for the DIRAS Observatory Team page: John Chumack, RAS Observatory - DIRAS Team Leader
The arrow points to the new bright type Ia Supernova (SN 2006X) in M100 Spiral Galaxy in Coma Berenices
The Supernova 2006X in this 51 minute exposure taken on 02/12/06 is at 14.5 magnitude, its on the rise,
up from 17th mag at discovery on 02/04/06 and is expected to reach 11.5 magnitude.
M100 is a Mag 10.2 Sc type Spiral Galaxy in Coma Berenices. It is approximately 7.5' x 6.4 arc minutes in size.
M100 Galaxy is estimated to be about 110,000 Light years across.
M100's distance is approximately 56 Million Light years away.
There are two other galaxies visible in the field of view which are NGC-4322 - bottom and NGC-4328 - right.
Click for the DIRAS Observatory Team page: John Chumack, RAS Observatory - DIRAS Team Leader
Click for the Press release: PR WEB- RAS Press Release
The Images show the movement from one day to the next of The 10th Planet 2003 UB313, internal code name "Xena" out beyond the orbit of Pluto & larger than Pluto, image taken on July 31st, 2005 and August 1, 2005
Click for the DIRAS Observatory Team page:
Click for the DIRAS 10th Planet Photometry page:
Deep Impact Probe Collides with Comet 9P/Tempel 1
Click the link to watch the movie:
Click for the Movie #2:
Click for the Photometry page:
The Image & movie shows the track of Near Earth Asteroid 4179 Toutatis on September 21st 2004 from 03:08:12 U.T. to 05:13:03 U.T. as this Pontentially Hazardous Asteroid swings by the Earth again.
See the video for yourself, click here for the Toutatis Asteroid 2004 - Video Clip (3 meg)
I took this image of The Venus Transit this morning 6:30 - 7:07am. at sunrise on 6/08/04.
Canon 10D Digital Camera ISO 100 with an 8" F5.5 for 1/500 second exposures.
See the Venus Transit for yourself, click here for the Venus Transit 2004 - Video Clip (1.4meg)
I took this image of Comet Bradfield from Dayton-Yellow Springs Road this morning at about 5:40am. Looking East- Northeast just before sunrise on 4/27/04.
Canon 10D Digital Camera ISO 400 with 20mm lens at F4.5 for 4 - 30 second exposures.
Comet Linear c/2002 T7 12-27-03
Total Lunar Eclipse 11-08-03
New Jersey Aurora
Sunspot & Flare Activity. Sun & Very Large Sunspots
Mars Opposition 2003. Closest approach in 60,000 years.
Mars 09-12-03

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