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M33 Spiral Galaxy Photos

M33 Spiral Galaxy in the Triangulum Constellation - A sister to the Milkyway Galaxy. M33 The Triangulum Spiral Galaxy, at a distance of 2.6 Million Light years away, M33 is the 2nd closest spiral galaxy to us. Yes it is a sister to the Milky Way Galaxy, along with Andromeda, and a handful of nearby dwarfs galaxies, they all make up the Local Group of Galaxies. Due to its very low surface brightness it can be a challenge to see from or nearby cities, but from a dark location on a perfectly clear night and assuming you have 20/20 vision, it is the furthest object the Human eye could see into deep space without optical aid. The thing that amazes me about M33 other than it being our neighbor and a beautiful Spiral, is that M33 is loaded with 292 pink nebula (HII Star Formation Regions), the Largest Pink HII region being NGC-604, which is actually visible in a 6" diameter be able to see nebula visually in other galaxies now that is really cool! 4.3 hours exposure, My Homemade 16" diameter F4.5 Fork Mounted Newtonian Telescope Baader Coma Corrector QHY8 Cooled Color CCD camera

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