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The University of Arizona's Steward Observatories
April 1996 Advanced Astrocamp
Click here to attend a future UAZ Astronomy Camp!

Awesome imaging and real science data program, UAZ mirror lab was awesome, use of the Catalina sites 61", 60", 40", and 16" Schmidt Camera Telescopes plus 4x5 film & 2k x 2k CCD's. We also learn a lot about image processing with IRAF.

The Steward Observatory sign on Mt. Bigelow The Astro Gang in front of the 61 inch scope dome on Mt. Bigelow
The van being unloaded The communications center on Mt. Lemmon
61 inch with the 2048 x 2048 CCD Array with a liquid nitrogen reservoir. Control Room & IRAF Stations The Dumbell Nebula (Negative) taken with the 16" Schmidt Camera
for 7 min.exp. Hypered 4415 (4x5) film
The Dumbell Nebula taken with the 16" Schmidt Camera
for 7 min.exp. Hypered 4415 (4x5) film.
Phil & Tim hard at work processing images in IRAF
In the Control Room of the 61" on Bigelow
Craig showing CCD Spectra. We attached a Spectrometer and Don's ST-6 CCD Camera to the 60 inch Telescope. We took the following Spectra of M57 the Ring Nebula, and then a dozen or so stars, we even took Sirius in the daytime!
The Milkyway from Mount Lemmon, 9,200ft. elev.
John in front of small dome
Don's Liquid Nitrogen Canon,
left over from cooling the CCD each night,
the first can of juice in orbit!
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