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John's Observatories, Dark Sites, & Equipment

MPC Code # 838, Dayton & MPC # H66 Yellow Springs Research Stations

I photograph and CCD Image from these 4 primary locations:
1. The Chumack Observatory in Dayton, Ohio
2. MVAS Dark sites at John Bryan State Park Observatory
3. The Chumack Observatories, at JBSPO-Yellow Springs Station in Yellow Springs, Ohio
4. Formerly GRAS,in New Mexico, now "Itelescope" MPC# H06, AREO 1-9 telescopes located across the globe (Isreal, Australia, USA) for 24/7 imaging.

Other sites I've imaged from:
UAZ's Mount Lemmon & Mount Bigalow, Tuscon, AZ (9200 ft.) (7200 ft.)
Mew Mexico Skies, Mayhill, New Mexico (7300 ft.)
Star Hill Inn in Sapello, New Mexico (7200 ft.)
Near Copper Mountain, Colorado. (11,400 Ft.)
The VLA in Soccorro, New Mexico (7500Ft.)
For eclipses and special events, I travel all over the world.

These are some of the many pieces of equipment I use to photograph & CCD Image the night sky. It is also used for nightly measurements of asteroids and comets for the Minor Planet Center. Variable stars are also monitored for the AAVSO.

John Bryan State Park Observatory John former VP and JBSPO Chairman of the MVAS
This is our primary Dark Sky Site Homemade Backyard Observatory in Dayton
My first Homemade 16" Telescope 1989 My backyard 10" LX200 Telescope + CCD
Observatories remote control room 6" Takahashi Hyperbolic Astrograph + G-11
12" F12 reflector in Main Dome at JBSPO JBSPO & Chumack Observatories Yellow Springs, Ohio
JBSPO open and getting ready for a nights work My son Ryan and I looking at H-Alpha flares on the Sun
My Total Solar Eclipse Chasers Rig, 1998 Aruba CCD on the back of an LX200
7" Meade Apo Refractor, Star Hill Inn, NM Derek and I with a C14, Star Hill Inn, NM
Peltier Merry Go Round & 9" Refractor ETX 90 and 35mm slr ready for shooting.
Dome Flat Fields taken for CCD calibration G-11 & Wide-angle camera platform in winter
The Chumack Observatories, Yellow Springs Station New 16" Steel Fork Mount in 10' Dome
6" cave reflector & backyard observatory JBSPO Dome and roll off roof early 90's
backyard observatory in winter 24" F8 Ritchie at Star Hill Inn, NM
Widefield Setup w/ Canon Digital SLR or QHY CCD William Optics 66mm APO on a Losmandy G-11 Gemini Mount
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