Many Giant Sunspots on the Sun on 07-08-2014, no less than 11 Sunspots groups are now visible & they are still there today, with 70% chance of M Class flares & 15% chance of X-ray class Flares…One Flare just erupted out of another new spot coming around the eastern limb too! Here are my two shots late yesterday afternoon, one in Hydrogen Alpha Light with my Lunt Hydrogen Alpha telescope, DMK31AF04 Camera, 1/387 sec exp. and the White Light photo (6” Baader Film Filter) on a 6″ F8 Cave Reflector telescope, Canon Rebel Xsi, ISO 200, 1/1250 sec exposure.
Remember: You should Never Look at the Sun without proper Solar Filters, and NO a Pop Tart wrapper is not a safe filter!!!! LOL!!!

Always Buy your proper Solar filters from Astronomical /Solar Telescope dealers like Lunt Solar or Baader Planetarium, these are Approved Filters and are Safe for your Eyes & Cameras!

Best Regards,
John Chumack