While  on my way to lead my Annual  Expedition In Alaska,
I was notified via e-mail  about my Winning 1st Place in the Comet ISON Photo Contest Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, & Discover Magazine, as well as Astronomy Magazine!!!

This was an International Contest and I won 1st place for the “Piggyback Category” with my Comet ISON Gossamer Tail & Disconnection Event Image!!! Capturing this type of Disconnection event in a comets tail is rare and difficult, and requires a bit of luck, but the timing was perfect that brutally cold morning!!! I was just waiting until the Public release came out in the June Issue of Astronomy Magazine before I announced it on my website,….But it sounds like the cats out of the bag,…as one of my favorite Space websites Universetoday published all the winners including my name as winning First Place….http://www.universetoday.com/111217/comet-ison-photo-contest-winners-rock-the-house/#ixzz2yspfJ7MB

It was announced  by CBS & NBC , and on the NSF’s websites




Thank You National Science Foundation, Discover Magazine & Astronomy Magazine!!!

Best Regards,

John Chumack