Mercury Transit Video & Pic, A pleasant Surprise while imaging Mercury – check out what I found on one of my videos the Bird of Prey Transits the Sun with Mercury!
The Planet Mercury & Bird of Prey Transit the Sun 05-09-2016, captured at Presque Isle State Park, Erie, PA.  Captured using my Lunt 60mm/50F Hydrogen Alpha Solar scope & QHY5IIL CCD Camera, on my portable AVX tracking Mount.  Shooting through high cirrus clouds, you can see The Planet Mercury as a tiny black dot at the Lower left edge of the Sun. the first part of the video clip shows the original 15 fps that I captured at(buzzes by fast), then I slowed the video down to 2fps, and looped it so you can catch the bird of Prey flapping its wings as it Transits the Sun.

Check out my short Video clip

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John Chumack