The Blue Bow-Tie Nebula (my nickname for this one)
NGC-2163 is described as being a bipolar reflection nebula in Orion. It is associated with the pre-main sequence emission line star at the center and is the 13th magnitude variable star LkHa208, a young star still enveloped by its prenatal cloud.
Apparently, the star has an equatorial disk that creates the bipolar flows 2 arc min. x 3 arc min. The area around the star, especially to the west is filled with faint nebulosity though to the east is a north-south dark nebula. It seems to carry the designation of LDN 1574 and 1575 even though both have exactly the same coordinates.

Captured with C8 SCT Telescope & QHY183C Cooled Cmos Camera for a 50 minute exposure.

Best Regards,

John Chumack