NGC 891 aka Caldwell 23 or Silver Sliver Galaxy is an edge-on unbarred spiral galaxy about 27 million light-years away in the constellation Andromeda. It was discovered by William Herschel on October 6, 1784. The galaxy is a member of the NGC 1023 group of galaxies in the Local Super-cluster. Visually it a treat through most amateur telescopes under dark skies, you can easily see the dark central dust band cutting through the length of the galaxy. NGC891 is 110 light years across, and looks very similar to our Milky Way Galaxy seen Edge on.

As you may know, I am always trying out new hardware configurations and new software as well.
NGC891 Edge On Spiral Galaxy In the Constellation Andromeda, was captured under less than ideal conditions, especially with these tiny pixels on a long FL scope.
Atmospheric Seeing was Terrible, FWHM running 5.6 to 6.8 and a Cold foggy haze was lingering,…but I managed to salvage something of this test shot with a different camera/Scope configuration., I will have to try again on a more stable night. Old Orange tube C8 @F6.3 and 90mm Maksuktov Guide Scope(1300MM/QHY5IIL), Bisque MYT Mount, and QHY183C(gain11 offset 30), 45 x 2 minute subs, Darks, Flats, Calibrated & Stacked in the Deep Sky Stacker, 90 minutes total.

The Old Orange tube C8 telescope Setup, there is a black dew cap just not shown, Although my Dome prevents a lot of dew from forming anyway, but SCT are notorious for dew forming on the corrector plates and for changing focus as temperature drops through out the night…Although I usually only use SCT for planet work or small planetary Nebula, I decided to try this out. any way. Plus gets me some close-ups on those galaxies too.

Best Regards,

John Chumack