It is so awesome to see the Sun so active again!

The Sun In Hydrogen Alpha Light with massive Sunspot group AR2786 & AR2785 on 11/28/2020.
There are some nice Solar Prominence’s on the South Eastern and South western Limbs.
A Major Solar flare erupted earlier today 11/29/2020 and its coming around the South Eastern limb.
More Sunspots are popping up and as of earlier today there are at least 5 active sunspot regions on the Sun.
The Largest Sunspot AR2786 has a ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares.
I included a close-up of Sunspot AR2786. If you have a safe solar filter for your telescope,
be sure to take a look at the Sunspots on the Sun all this week(never look at the sun unless you have the proper safe filter,
as it will blind you)

I capture these shots of the activity with my Lunt 60mm/50F Hydrogen Alpha Scope & QHY5IIL Cmos Camera(0.5x reducer)
for full disk 400 frames Stacked and QHY5III290M cameras with 2x barlow for the sunspot close-up. 800 frames stacked.

Best Regards,

john Chumack