Iceland Photo Tours…….. Would you like to join me on a Photographic
Adventure to Iceland’s Waterfalls, Wild Icelandic Horses,  & Lava Flows or for The Iceland Aurora Borealis – Northern Light Photography Tour? We may consider putting this trip together in the Future if we get enough interest..Stay Tuned!

Some Other Fabulous Astronomy Sites To Visit!

Meteor Crater, AZ
See a Large Impact Crater, 600 feet deep and 1 mile across from over 50,000 years ago!

Star Hill Inn- Sapello, NM
A wonderful resort for Astronomers, very clear dark skies, excellent hospitality, and state of the art equipment!

VLA (Very Large Array) Radio Telescopes – Socorro, NM 
A Very Large Radio Telescope Array listens to sounds from Deep Space. An Awesome Engineering and Technology Feat.

Astro Camp – University of Arizona Steward Observatories 
Adult & Youth Astronomy Camps, Doing real science & using the Large Professional Telescopes in the Catalina Mountains!