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4.) One Time Rights, Use, or Limited reproductions will be based on Quantity, Circulation, and Fair Current Market Value.

Science, Astronomy, or Educational Commercial Use: (such as products like Books, CD-roms, Software, etc…) Please do not hesitate to contact me, 90% of these cases I will grant written permission, for a very small fee and sometimes even for free (certain restrictions apply)!

Non -Profit, Educational Use: It is important to me to fire the imaginations of our youth (the next generation of scientists and astronomers). Therefore all Non-Profit Science and Astronomy related Educational Programs (underprivileged, or inner city programs are especially encouraged to inquire) designed for Children, there will be no fee charged, and I will try to provide all materials such as slides, prints, information, and data, etc. at an at cost basis if it will further the education of children in Astronomy and Science!

For Non-profit educational and other Non-Profit Organizations: All images are available at a discount to these organizations, they must show proof of Non-Profit Status to Qualify.

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Galactic Images® is a registered trademark of John Chumack/Galactic Images®
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