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John’s Images in Books

John’s Images in Published Books, Magazines, Software, TV Programs, National News Broadcasts, and the Web

2021 Norton Publishing “21st Century Astronomy” Book  – 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Diamond Ring
2020 Bill Nye’s “Great Big World of Science” Book  – pg. 209, Comet Hale-Bopp Photo
2016 DK Publishing, The Stars, The Definitive Visual Guide to the Cosmos, Pg. 41, True Binary Star Albireo
2016 “Cambridge Double Star Atlas” by Wil Tirion & Bruce MacEvoy – Front Cover Photo “Albireo”
The Planet Mercury Book by Greg Vogt, Leiner Publishing
“Newton’s Rainbow to Frozen Light” Book by John Farndon, Hienemann Library Publishing
“Eclipses” Book, Pg. 18 & 19, Total Eclipse Sequence & Annual Eclipse Sequence, Hienemann Library Publishing
What Do We Know About The Solar System, Book Pg. 40
“One Million Things Space” Book, Pg. 5 Andromeda
“Electricity & Thermal Physics” Book Pg. A12, by Mark Elise & Chris Honeywill
2015 “Laboratory Guide to Astronomy” Book by Bakich & Reynolds, Corvus Constellation, Pleiades & Moon, Full
Moon, Lunar Eclipse Sequence
2015 “Imaging The Sky” Astronomy Magazine & Celestron, E-Book, Front Cover, Incredible Hydrogen Alpha Sun
Seven Wonders Beyond the Solar System By Ron Miller
2013 “Comets” Visitors from Deep Space Book by Dave Eicher, Pg. 92, Comet Lovejoy 2007 E2
2012 An Intro to Physical Science Book By James Shipman, Pg. 487, The 1994 Annular Solar Eclipse
2011 “Human Travel to the Moon and Mars” by Matt Doeden, USA Today, 21st Century Books
2010 Exploring the Universe by Anne Cambal, pg.32, Orion Constellation photo
2010 A Guide to the Constellations Book, By Susan Jones Leeming, DK Publishing/Pearson/Scott Foresman, 2 images, Pg 4
and Pg 23
2010 The Practical Astronomer Book, By will Gater and Anton Vamplew, DK Publishing, 8 images
2010 StarFinder Book, By Carole Stott and Giles Sparrow, DK Publishing, 3 images
2010 Space & Technology, “Earth in Motion” Book Pg. 13, The 1998 Total Solar Eclipse – Totality
2009 Mars Book, by George Cappaccio, Marshall Cavendish Publishing
2009 Venus Book, by Ruth Bjorklund, Marshall Cavendish Publishing
2009 Mercury Book, by L.H. Colligan, Marshall Cavendish Publishing
2009 The Night Sky Companion 2008-2009 by Tammy Plotner, “Front Cover” Pleiades and 21 images in the book, A Patrick
Moore Series
2009 Discovering the Essential Universe, By Neil F. Comins, Pg. 34, Uranus and Neptune photos
2009 “Centenial of the AAVSO” by Michael, Saladyga
2008 “Jupiter and the Outer Planets” Book by Chris Oklade, Capstone Press, Pg. 33, Outer planets
2009 “The Universe”, Smithsonian- DK publishing, Pg. 71 and Pg. 106
2007 Nature Journal Of Science, Pg 446 Galactic Plane, Pg.600 to 604, Milkyway in Scutum
2007 “Stars” Book “Front Cover” Childrens Book by Thomas K. Adamson, Capstone Press, Pleiades, Aldebaran, and Milkway
2007 “Exploring Comets” by Jennifer Way, Comet Hale-Bopp “Front Cover” Rosen Publishing
2007 The Sun Book, by Dan Elish, Marshall Cavendish Publishing
2006 “Einstein’s Predicament” Book Front Cover – Cassiopeia, Two-Edge Sword Publications, by Francis Pym, Dr. Clifford
2005 Imaginova – “Starry Night Pro” Software
2005 over 500 Images featured on, Astronomy Picture of the Day, Earth Science Picture of the Day,
2005 Universe Today,
2004 “Advanced Skywatching” by The Nature Company, Burnham, Dyer, Kanipe, Levy & Dr. John O’Byrne BOOK
2003 Pisces Book by Stephanie T. Peters, Rosen Publishing Group, Pg. 20, Pisces Spiral
2003 “Practical Skywatching” by The Nature Company, David Levy & Dr. John O’Byrne BOOK
1999 “Magnificent Universe” by Ken Croswell, Simon & Schuster Corp BOOK
1999 Deep Sky Wonders By O’ Meara in Memory of Walter Scott Houston BOOK
1999 “Your Guide To the Sky” by Rick Shaffer, 10 of my best images. BOOK
1998 “Deep Sky Observing” Book by Phillip Harrington, Sky Publishing, Dec. 1996, Photos Of Chi Cygni, Variable star
1998 “Readers Digest Explores Astronomy” M45 Pleiades, Comet Hyakutake, Comet Hale-Bopp BOOK
1997 Observer’s Handbook, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Pg. 218 “Photographing Variable Stars”
1997 “Stargazer” CD, Interactive Educational Software, Blue Spruce Software, Nevada
1996 “Eyes to the Stars” Astrophotography CD, Wolf 359, Ontario, Canada

John’s Images in Published Magazines

National Geographic Magazine & Books
June 26, 2012, A Bright Fireball Meteor
National Geographic Book, “Stars & Galaxies” by Ellen Fried, Stars and Galaxies
National Geographic 2005, The Brightest Star in the Sky – Sirius
National Geographic 2005, M82 -The Starburst Galaxy

Scientific American Book 2007 “Gravity & How it Works”
By Peter Jedicke  pg. #16 & #21

Time Magazine “Front Cover”
Special Collectors Edition “Great Discoveries”
November 2001, Front Cover and page #1, John Watching Comet Hale-Bopp

National Geographic Geo Magazine
Geo, August 1999, pg. 49, Comet Hale-Bopp through a Natural Bridge

National Geographic  Magazine – 2019 – Guide to the Night Sky – pg. 49, Lunar Eclipse Sequence

Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine
Leonid Dust Angel – Meteor Dust Tubes, August 1999

Newsweek Magazine
Newsweek, April 23, 1998, pg. , Pleiades Star Field “Animal Astronauts”

Science Magazine
Science, November 8, 1996, Vol. 274, pg. 920, Comet Hyakutake & The Bright Star Acturus

The BBC – The  SKY At Night Magazine in the UK
February 2021 Issue, Pg. 82 The Sun and  Sunspot Group AR2781
June 2014 Issue, Pg. 30 “Hot Shots” Ursa Major & Ursa Minor,  Iowa

Discover Magazine
Discover, March 1996, pg. 37, The Bright Star Capella
Discover, Oct. 1997, pg. 110, The Planet Jupiter

New Scientist Magazine
New Scientist, October 10, 1998, pg. 22, The Bright Star Betelguese

Collecting Toys Magazine Astronomy (aka Kalmbach Publishing)
Front Cover Image, April 1998, Flame Nebula-Zeta Orionis

Ohio Magazine
Ohio Magazine, July 2003, pg. 68-70, Star Gazer Article & Tour of The Chumack Observatories

Science Illustrated
Science Illustrated, Denmark Nr 14, 2003, pg. 78, Bright Variable Star Algol

Astronomy Magazine

Astronomy Magazine April 2022 Issue, Pg. 65,  The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) at 1 Million km, on its way to L2 point.
Astronomy Magazine February 2022 Issue, Pg 32,  The Great Planetary Alignment
Astronomy Magazine January 2022 Issue, “Front Cover Image” M42 and M43 Orion Nebula, plus 10 images inside magazine. “101 Must-see Cosmic Objects”
Astronomy August 2021 Issue, pg. 48 M11 Wild duck cluster
Astronomy July 2021 Issue, pg. 41 M1 crab nebula, Pg. 46 and Pg. 47 Planet Pluto, Pg. 54 Coat hanger cluster, Pg. 58 summer triangle
Astronomy April 2021 Issue,  pg. 40, M97 The Owl Planetary Nebula pg. 45, Hydrogen Alpha Sun, pg. 46 Sunspot group AR2781
Astronomy March 2021 Issue, pg. 49, Tycho Crater on the Moon,  pg. 64 Alpine Valley on the Moon
Astronomy December 2020 Issue, pg. 48, Leonid Meteor Shower 1998,  pg. 60 The Andromeda Galaxy wide angle
Astronomy October 2020 Issue, pg. 44, The Road to Mars, Moab, Utah
Astronomy September 2020 Issue, pg.  44, Great Square of Pegasus,  pg. 46, Kembles Cascade,  pg. 70, Venus in The Pleiades – The Eight Sisters
Astronomy February 2020 Issue Pg,  51, Moon & Venus in the evening sky
Astronomy July 2019 Issue, pg. 81, Moon’s Terminator line
Astronomy “For Kids Special” Issue, pg. 22, Spring Time Constellations Rising
Astronomy March 2019 Issue, pg. 66, Moon, Petavius Crater
Astronomy January 2019 Issue, pg. 64, The Hyades & Pleiades Star Clusters
Astronomy November 2018 Issue, pg. 53, Kembles Cascade
Astronomy August 2018 Issue, pg. 73  Sunset Birds In Flight, Anna Maria Island, FL.
Astronomy May 2018 Issue, pg. 63 & 64, The Summer Milky Way in Scutum/ Test Canon 6D & Sony A7R II
Astronomy April  2018 Issue, pg. 19, Jupiter & Moons Shadow Transit
Astronomy February 2018 Issue, pg. 73, Silvery Waning Gibbous Moon
Astronomy January  2018 Issue, pg. 64, The Full Moon,  pg. 66, Partial Eclipse/Sunspots Black drop effect
Pg. 73,  5  in a row,  Moon, Venus, Regulus, Mars, & Mercury
Astronomy December 2017 Issue, pg. 36  Geminid Meteor, Warrenton, Va, pg. 51 Diamond Ring 2017 Solar Eclipse
Astronomy, November 2017 Issue, pg. 73 The Mon & Venus Twilight Pairing
Astronomy Aug 2017 Issue, pg. 78  The Sun with Sunspots
Astronomy, April 2017 Issue, pg. 68, First Quarter Moon
Astronomy, February 2017 Issue, pg. 73, 4% Waning Crescent Moon & Planet Mercury
Astronomy, January 2017 Issue, pg 62. Kemble’s Cascade
Astronomy, December 2016 Issue, Pg. 44, The Super Full Moon
Astronomy, November 2016 Issue, pg. 36, The Planets Saturn, Venus, & Crescent Moon
Astronomy, August 2016 Issue, Pg. 14, 57, 72, Kemble’s Cascade, Full Moon, 2017 Solar Eclipse Center-line, Montes
Astronomy, July 2016 Issue, Pg. 15 & 72, Alaskan Aurora Lake Panorama, Full Moon & Solar Eclipses
Astronomy, June 2016 Issue, The Planet Venus & Tree at Sidling Hill, MD.
Astronomy, May 2016 Issue, Spring Time Constellations & Star Colors.
Astronomy, April 2016 Issue, pg. 18, Capitol Stars – Constellations of Spring
Astronomy, Dec. 2015 Issue pg.73, Kembles Cascade
Astronomy, July 2015 Issue, Pluto & Barnard 92 Dark Nebula
Astronomy, July 2015 Issue Pg. 52, Last Quarter Moon & First Quarter Moon,
Astronomy, Feb 2015 Issue pg.37, Fireball Meteor
Astronomy, Jan 2015 Issue Pg. 59, Orion, Hyades, Jupiter, Vesta, Pleiades, Observatory
Astronomy, November 2014,  Pg.61,  Leonid Meteor Smoke Trail 1998
Astronomy, June 2014 Issue Pg. 73,  Comet ISON c/2012 S1,  disconnection event, 1st place International Comet Contest Winner.
Astronomy, Feb. 2014 Issue, Pg.70, #9 in the Readers Gallery, The Spring time Constellations & Star Colors.
Astronomy, Oct. 2013 Issue Pg. 53,Comet McNaught & NGC891 Edge on Spiral Galaxy
Astronomy, July 2013 Issue Pg. , Pluto & Barnard 92 Dark Nebula
Astronomy, June 2013 Issue Pg. 55, Full Moon in Capricorn
Astronomy, May 2013 Issue Pg. 45, Venus, Jupiter and Aldeberan
Astronomy, Feb. 2013 Issue Pg. 37, Fireball Meteor
Astronomy, Nov. 2012, pg. 59, 60, 61, 4 images, Leonid Meteors & Meteor Dust tubes.
Astronomy, Oct. 2012, “100 Best Images in the Universe” 3 images, Planet Venus, Full Moon in Capricorn, Jupiter &
Moon over Lake, Pg.44, 45,
Astronomy, Jan. 2012, Front Cover, “Astronomy’s Guide to Meteor Showers” Leonid Meteor Shower 1998
Astronomy, April. 2012, pg.
Astronomy, March. 2012, pg. 10, Fireball Meteor break-up
Astronomy, Summer 2011 Spectacular Universe, pg. 31, Fireball Meteor break-up
Astronomy, Sept. 2011, pg. 15, Deneb – Alpha Cygni
Astronomy, July. 2011, pg. 15, Arcturus- Alpha Bootes
Astronomy, Jan. 2011, pg. 82, Pluto crossing Barnard 92
Astronomy, Jan. 2010, Open Cluster and Planetary Nebula
Astronomy, Dec. 2009, pg. 53 & Pg. 59, Comet Lovejoy and Cygnus The Northern Cross
Astronomy, Nov. 2009, pg. 79, The Seagull Nebula
Astronomy, Mar 2006, Starry Heavens Sky Charts, M13 Globular, M44 The Beehive, M35 Open Cluster
Astronomy, Aug. 2008, 35th Anniversary Issue, Centerfold The Milky Way Glow
Astronomy, June 2008, pg. 31, The Milky Way
Astronomy, May 2008, Pg. 65, 66, The Milky Way Dark Galactic Horse, Pipe Nebula, Barnard 66,65,67,68
Astronomy, Aug. 2007, Inside Cover, Milky Way, and Stargazers
Astronomy, Apr. 2007, Pg. 62, 63, The Milky Way Panorama
Astronomy, Mar. 2006, pg. 74, M78 The Reflection Nebula in Orion
Astronomy, Feb. 2006, pg. 75, The Waning Crescent Moon 1.57% Lit & The Planet Mercury at Dawn
Astronomy, “Universe 2006” – pg. 76, M42 and M43 The Great Orion Nebula Complex
Astronomy, “Universe 2005 – Great Images”- pg. 96 – 97 The Constellations of Auriga and Perseus
Astronomy, “Welcome to Astronomy” by R. Burnham, pg. 13, The Great sword of Orion, M42, M43, and NGC 1973-75-77
Astronomy, “Your Guide to the Planets, Stars, and Galaxies” by R. Talcot, pg. 14 Leonid Meteor Showers
Astronomy, “The Best of Ask Astro” by Astronomy Magazine, pg.3, Meteor Showers
Astronomy, Dec 2005, pg. 79, IC1396 nebular & Mu Cepheus
Astronomy, Nov. 2005, pg. 112, IC1396 Nebular Complex in Cepheus
Astronomy, July 2005, pg. 79, Comet Hale Bopp Under Owachomo Natural Bridge, Utah
Astronomy, July 2005, pg. 71, M11 & The Scutum Star Cloud
Astronomy, June 2005, pg. 57, + pg. 64, M63 The Sunflower Spiral Galaxy
Astronomy, May 2005, pg. 92, M44 The Beehive Cluster
Astronomy, Feb. 2005, pg. 50, Bright Star Sirius Astronomy, August 2004, pg. 54, The Milky Way Center
Astronomy, July 2004, pg 112, Nova Sagittarius 2004
Astronomy, May 2004, pg. 107, Comet Linear C/2002 T7
Astronomy, Sept. 2003, pg. 120, M45 Pleiades “The Seven Sisters”
Astronomy, July 2003, pg. 69, Leonid Meteors, pg. 76, M22 Globular Cluster
Astronomy, June 2003, pg. 24, Bright Star Arcturus & Antares, pg. 83, Saturn “Lord of the Rings”
Astronomy, May 2003, pg. 76, Mellotte 111, Open Star Cluster
Astronomy, Feb. 2003, pg. 108, V4742 Nova in Sagittarius
Astronomy, Jan. 2003, pg. Brightest Star Sirius, pg. 5, pg. 78, Bright Star Antares, pg. 73
Astronomy, Nov. 2002, pg. 85, 98 Leonid Meteors over Observatory, Sapello NM
Astronomy, Oct. 2002, pg. 54, Brightest Star Sirius, pg. 67, M97 Owl nebula, pg. 83, M51 Whirlpool
Astronomy, Sept. 2002, pg. 78, Betelguese, pg. 100, M45 Pleiades
Astronomy, August 2002, pg. 101, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and Milky Way Sag. to Serpens.
Astronomy, May 2002, pg. 43, Bright Stars Betelguese & Regulus
Astronomy, April 2002, pg. 74, NGC-3242 Ghost of Jupiter
Astronomy, Explore the Universe 2002, Mars
Astronomy, April 1999, Milky Way Over Mount. Lemmon Dome, pg. 112
Astronomy, 1999 Explore the Universe, The Bright Star Capella pg. 96
Astronomy, October 1998, Chi Cyni Variable star in Cygnus, pg. 73
Astronomy, September 1998, M22 Globular Star Cluster, pg. 76
Astronomy, July 1998, M61 Virgo Spiral, pg.
Astronomy, May 1998, The Milky Way, pg. 92 & 93
Astronomy, March 1998, Mellotte 111 The Coma Cluster, pg. 75
Astronomy, February 1998, The Ultimate Exposure, The Constellation Orion pg. 122
Astronomy, January 1998, The Brightest Star Sirius, pg. 119
Astronomy, 1997 Explore the Universe, pg. 105 Ngc-404 & Beta Andromeda
Astronomy, 1997 Explore the Universe, pg. 42 The Dumbbell Nebula
Astronomy, December 1996, pg. 123 The Rosette Nebula in Monoceros
Astronomy, September 1996, pg. 110, The Orion Nebula in near Infrared
Astronomy, May 1996, pg. Comet Hyakutake Coma
Astronomy, March 1996 issue pg.80-85 Beyond the Visible with CCD’s
Astronomy, September 1995, Page 109, Asteriod Metis and Asteriod 953 Painleva
Astronomy, Feb 1995, “Catching Comets with a CCD”; Full color, 4 page article on Comet Imaging by John Chumack &
Glenn Gombert
Astronomy, June 1994, Page 81; Comet Mueller 1993a and M57 Ring Nebula
Astronomy, March 1993, pg. 82, Comet Swift-Tuttle
Astronomy, June 1992, pg. 90, Eskimo Nebula with Asteroid 44 Nysa

The AAVSO Publications
The AAVSO, Nova Delphinius Photo Dec. 2013
The AAVSO, Venus Transit Photo & Sunspots Photo Dec. 2012
The “AAVSO Hands on Astrophysics” Educational Package 1998, AAVSO & NSF, ASP.

RASC Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Dec. 2006, volume 100, Pg. 250, Near Earth Asteroid 2004 XP14

Sky & Telescope Magazine
Sky & Telescope, Oct. 1993, pg. 103, Beta Andromedae & NGC-404
Sky & Telescope, March 1994, pg. 114, The Dumbbell Nebula
Sky & Telescope, Sept. 1994, pg. 42, Ngc-6939 & NGC-6946
Sky & Telescope, March 1996, pg. 50, Chi Cygni Variable star 7.1 – 9.2mag
Sky & Telescope, May 1996, pg. 102, Ngc-1973-75-77 Reflection Nebula in Orion
Sky & Telescope, December 1996, pg. 110, The Pleiades Cluster
Sky & Telescope, January 1998, pg. 82, The Brightest Star Sirius
Sky & Telescope, January 1998, pg. 92, The Horsehead Nebula Region
Sky & Telescope, January 1998, pg.93, The Sword Of Orion
Sky & Telescope, January 1998, pg. 108, Comet Hale-Bopp thru Awachamo Natural Bridge

The Reflector Astronomical League Newsletter
The Reflector, November 1999, Front Cover, The Great Andromeda Galaxy

Deep Sky Journal
Deep Sky Journal #3 Winter 1992-93, Page #7, Comet Swift-Tuttle
Deep Sky Journal Vol. 2, #2 Summer 1993, Page #11, M81 with Supernova

The Astrograph Magazine
The Astrograph, Vol. 24 No. #4, Feb./March 1993, pg. 63, Comet Swift-Tuttle
The Astrograph, Vol. 24 No. #6, June/July 1993, “Front Cover” Photo, M81 with Supernova

The Sierra Club Magazine
Each month several of John’s Astronomical Images are featured, over 94 images to date!

John’s CCD Image Publications

Observatory Techniques
1994 Issue #10, Page 26; High Resolution CCD Imaging
1994 Issue #11, Page 20; Starlight CCD Camera Imaging
1995 Fall Issue #15, Page 22 and 23 CCD Imaging Asteroid Metis and Painleva
1995 Winter Issue #16, page 43, Comet De Vico 1995 S1
1997 Summer Issue #22, Front Cover, Comet Hale-Bopp

CCD Astronomy 
1994 Fall Issue, Gallery Section, Page 4, 27 and 28; Tri-Color Imaging of M1 Crab Nebula, M27 Dumbbell, Comet McNaught-Russell 1993V
CCD Astronomy 1994, Summer Issue, Gallery Section, Page 30, Mare Imbrium, Waning Gibbous Moon
CCD Astronomy 1995, Winter Issue, Gallery Section, Page 26, Tricolor CCD NGC-6946 Galaxy

National & Local Media Coverage

Huffington Post, 2015 Water Discovered in Stardust- Rosette Nebula Photo
Huffington Post, Jan 2015, 2014 Best Photos of the Year, Alaska Aurora Dog – Aurora Borealis
Huffington Post, Nov 5, 2015, Tuarid Meteor Shower, Video
Huffington Post, Oct 30, 2015, Rare Planetary Alignment, 3 Planet photos, Venus, Mars, & Jupiter
L.A. Times Newspaper, Comet ISON National Science Foundation Winner John Chumack
Malaysia Sun Newspaper, 30 DEC. 2012, 2012 Astronomy Photos Year in Review Video & Photos
Dayton Daily Newspaper, Oct. 25, 2011 Aurora Borealis “The Northern Lights”
Malaysia Sun Newspaper, 29 Aug. 2011, Sunspots 1271 photo
Dayton Daily Newspaper, Feb, 23,2009 Page A6, “Comet Lulin”
Dayton Daily Newspaper, Feb, 23,2009 Page A6, “Comet Lulin”
Dayton Daily Newspaper, May 19, 2004, Front Page, “Comet Neat Q4”
Dayton Daily Newspaper, Oct 28, 2003, “Dayton’s Northern Lights”
Dayton Daily Newspaper, Oct 29, 2003, “Sun with Big Sunspots”
Dayton Daily Newspaper, August 22, 2003, “Mars Photos”
Dayton Daily Newspaper, May 21, 2003, “Lunar Eclipse Photos”
Dayton Daily Newspaper, November 21, 1990, “Dayton man Project”
Dayton Daily Newspaper, November 22, 1990, “Dayton man wins Competition”
Dayton Daily Newspaper, November 8, 1991, “Aurora Borealis”
Dayton Daily Newspaper, August 30, 1995″, “Astrophotographers Exhibition”
Oakwood Register Newspaper, October 10,1995, “Astrophotographers’s Space Art”
Dayton Daily Newspaper, September, 1996″, “Total Lunar Eclipse”
Saginaw News, Michigan , Arts & Entertainment November 23, 1996, Astrophotographer “Eye on The Sky”

Television & Radio
WDRB Fox News, Comet Lovejoy & M45, 21 Jan 2015
Fox News, Comet Lovejoy 2014 Q2, 4 images, 30 DEC 2014
PBS “War of the Worlds” TV program aired Oct. 29th 2013, Mars & Leo photos
CBS News, Oct. 28th 2013, 2 images of Comet ISON
CBS News, Oct. 21st 2013, “Stunning Image of NGC-891”
BBC – The Sky at Night TV program 2013 Comet ISON & Comet Lovejoy
Weather Underground, Aug. 2013, “NOVA Delphinius”
BBC – The Sky at Night TV program 2012 The Planet Saturn
MBS- Tokyo Broadcasting Station, Tokyo, Japan 2011, The Aurora Borealis “The Northern Lights”
BBC – The Sky at Night TV program 2011 Meteor Showers
The Weather Channel U.S. – Quadrantid Meteors Jan. 5th 2011
Canadian National Weather – Quadrantid Meteors Jan. 5th 2011
BBC – The Sky at Night TV program 2009 RS Ophiucus Recurrent Nova
Channel 7 News and WHIO TV, Aug. 2009 Lightning
Channel 7 News TV, Feb. 22, 2009 Comet Lulin
WHIO TV, Feb. 22, 2009 Comet Lulin
Channel 7 News TV, Oct. 25th 2011, The Aurora Borealis from Ohio
Mix 107.7 Radio Station, Oct. 25th 2011, The Aurora Borealis from Ohio
Channel 2 News TV, May 20, 2003, “Lunar Eclipse at the Observatory”
Channel 22 News TV, August 12, 1994, “PERSIEDS” Meteor shower
Channel 22 News TV, March 23, 1996, “Comet Hyakutake”
Channel 7 News TV, August 11, 1993, “Comet Swift-Tuttle”
Channel 7 News, TV, March 22, 1996, “Comet Hyakutake”
WYSO Radio Station, October 9,12, & 15, 1995,”Astronomy & Astrophotography”
NPR National Public Radio, NPR Washington D.C., October 9-15, 1995, “Astrophotography”
and many other small newspapers, newsletters, & magazines