Atmospheric Phenomena “The Glory” or Pilot’s Glory,
Captured while flying over Alaska, the cloud deck was below 10,000 feet on approach to Fairbanks, Alaska on 03-15-2018.
The Sun was directly opposite my head at the time I
captured this photo with my I-phone 6+ looking out
the Aircraft Window. The sunlight back-scatters off
the water droplets in the clouds, creating this circular
shaped rainbow known as a Glory. I kept seeing it on and
off for 5 minutes, then finally I got the shot! Persistence paid off!
The aircraft just happened to be the perfect distance above the cloud tops to show aircraft’s shadow & multiple ring Pilot’s Glory!
Captured with my I-Phone 6+, 4.15 mm, F2.2, ISO 32, 1/2600 sec. exp., looking out the double pain dirty window of the Boeing 737-900 aircraft.
This one shows more rings than the one I captured two years ago! A great Start to the Alaska trip!