Aurora Borealis Photo #8676 “The Northern Lights”, a Fish-eye view with Stars & Planets!
Balto??? The Alaskan Aurora Dog is jumping across the sky in One of my Best Fisheye Lens Shots of the Aurora from Mt. Cleary outside of Fairbanks, Alaska the night of the 21st of March 2014!!! It really looks like a Husky with a curly tail jumping across the sky!!!

The Aurora was stretching across the sky and was amazing to watch as it changed shapes. Mars was just clearing the Trees in the East, but Spica was still below the treeline.

I included an illustrated version showing Cardinal directions and labeled so you can ID the brighter stars and planets, The Gemini Twins Castor & Pollux are in the Dogs Mouth, upper left of Jupiter. The constellation of Leo is completely covered by the Aurora.