Comet Lovejoy Photos, The Comet was discovered in Sept. 2013 by Terry Lovejoy out of Australia, his 4th Comet discovery! This image was captured from my observatories in Yellow Springs, Ohio on 12-28-2013. Comet Lovejoy 2013 R1 was 2.5 degrees South East of 3rd magnitude Star 65 Delta Herculis….Easily visible in Binoculars, looks awesome through any telescope, even this telephoto lens shot captured it well.
Comet Lovejoy 2013 R1 tail is about 2.5 degrees long, and continues off the field in this image. The comet was hovering around 5.5 magnitude.
28 minute exposure with a Modified (Baader) Canon Rebel XSI & a Canon 70mm-300mm lens, set to 270mm Lens, set to F5.6, and @ ISO 800.