Comet NEOWISE Close-up View 07-17-2020

//Comet NEOWISE Close-up View 07-17-2020

Comet NEOWISE Close-up View 07-17-2020


Comet NEOWISE on 07-17-2020


Comet NEOWISE c/2020 F3 on 07-17-2020, noticed Green Coma around Nucleus, and the white Dust Tail and Blue Ion Gas tail, shot from Enon/Fairborn, Ohio Area, at 10:38pm EST (02:38 U.T.) The Comet Survived its close passage near the Sun, and now is bright as it starts to approach the Earth on its way out of the Solar it will not return for 6,800 years.
Canon 6D DSLR Camera, Sigma 150 -600mm lens, set to 150mm at F5.6, on a AVX tracking Mount 7.5 minutes total exposure ISO 1250, 18 x 25sec stacked in DSS, Nebulosity, Maxim DL, Pixinsight and Adobe CS.

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