One of my Perseid Meteor Shower Photos from all my DSLR Fish-eye Lens images, 2015 was definitely the best Perseid Meteor shower that I have witnessed in years. My Observatories on the left & my Camera on the right.
Every August the Earth crosses the Debris Stream of Comet Swift-Tuttle creating this Spectacular Perseid Meteor shower!
There are 16 Perseid Meteors are visible in this image, The Constellations of Cygnus to Perseus, the Andromeda Galaxy, & the Double Clusters are visible as well.

08-12-2015 to 08-13-2015
Modified Canon Rebel Xsi, 8mm Fish-eye lens, F3.5, ISO 1600, 15 second subs, captured at my Observatories in Yellow Springs, Ohio USA.