The Blood Moon Photos – Total Lunar Eclipse Photos 10-08-2014

Only during a Full moon can a Total Lunar Eclipse occur. This happens when the Earth’s shadow covers the moon, thus a perfect alignment of the Earth between the Moon and the Sun is needed. When this alignment occurs the moon can become deep red/orange during the totality part of the eclipse. The light from the sun enters Earth’s atmosphere and bends around the curvature of the Earth scattering all the blue light, but passing the red wavelengths of light which illuminate the moon during lunar totality. This Eclipse was second eclipse of 2014, part of a rare Tetrad. Basically 4 Lunar Eclipses in two years. We will have two more Lunar Eclipses in 2015.
This composite image shows the Phases from the start at 4:30am up to Totality at 6:23am
Images captured at Huffman Dam, in Fairborn, near Dayton, Ohio.

Canon 6D & 80mm telescope, ISO 800 to 6400, 1/400 sec to 2 sec exposures, to capture all these eclipse phases.

The moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth and the nearest celestial body in space.