The Wizard Nebula
NGC-7380 is located in the constellation of Cepheus about 7,000 light-years from Earth within the Milky Way Galaxy. This massive stellar nursery or star
formation region spans an area on the sky of about 5 times the size of the full moon or 2.5 degrees of sky. I captured this 4 hours & 45 mins. image on
the nights August 28Th & August 31st of 2018 from my backyard observatory in Dayton, Ohio. I used my 6 inch Celestron Newtonian Scope, Baader Coma
corrector, & ZWO 174MM Cmos Camera/ZWO Wheel. I captured the wavelengths of Hydrogen Alpha, Oxygen III, and Sulfur II , all at 7nm for 95 minutes each for a total of 4 hours & 45 minutes of exposure time.