The Cygnus Wall – The Minotaur

A close-up of the Great Cygnus Wall (Northern section) & The Cold Dark Molecular Cloud Region, all Part of the North American Nebula (NGC7000) in the Constellation of Cygnus. The Cygnus Wall is a massive HII region or Stellar Nursery/Star Formation Region…..After capturing 7 hours of Data from 3 separate nights at my backyard observatory in Dayton, Ohio I finally assembled the HA + O3 + O3 Mapped as RGB..Taken with a .ZWO 174MM Cooled Cmos Camera & 6 inch Diameter Newt. Scope.

I have a new nickname for this one(The Minotaur)…it reminds me of a Minotaur heading into the Black Molecular Cloud… I will include an outline of the shape, tell me if you see the “Minotaur”. Blow it full screen, as there are lots of nice little details in the wall and in the Inky Dark Molecular Cloud on the left! Regardless of what you see, looking into the Expanse of our Universe is always Amazing!