Fish Head Nebula Complex

At 6,000 light years away & 70 light years across (~ 406 trillion miles across), this qualifies as my longest cast for the biggest fish I ever caught! LOL!
The Fish Head Nebula is surrounded by all those dark molecular clouds & dust…many stars are in the early stages of formation within the dusty nebula.

The Fish head nebula (IC-1795) or also known as NGC896 features glowing gas and dust in a star forming area in Cassiopeia. It is part of the Heart nebula
(IC1805) complex that is located at about 6000 light years away.

Do you see a face in the dark cloud? Look left of the triangle of bright stars near bottom center.

Captured with my ZWO 174MM Cooled Cmos Camera & 6 inch diameter Newtonian reflector scope..6 hours of exposure in Narrow Band wavelengths HA, SII, OIII, mapped out to RGB.