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Mars Photos on 10-05-2020


Mars was looking Fantastic early this morning on 10-05-2020, so far my best shots of it this year.


Wow…One of my most detailed yet this season,….Mars was giving up some of that finer detail the last two nights and it is closest to the Earth right now…showing some nice fine details with Terra Meridiani, the Arabia Peninsula Region front and center. A lot of Blue Limb Clouds and the blue North Polar hood looking good, as well as the southern ice cap that is shrinking in size. Target=Mars, Date: 10-05-2020, Time: 06:41:40 UT, Mag: -2.55, Dia: 22.55, Res: 0.07, Az: 193.12, Alt: 55.59, Phase: 0.99, CM: CM=349.2°, Camera: QHY5III290M, Scope: C-11 Telescope, FL: 8000mm, F-ratio: 28, Observer: John Chumack, Location: Dayton, Ohio, Seeing was about 7/10, that is well above average for me in Dayton. #marsopposition #mars2020 #Mars #johnchumack


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John Chumack


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