Kemble’s Cascade photos..By Far my Favorite Asterism!!!
The Kemble’s Cascade – Asterism
A chance alignment of Colorful bright stars cascading down in the Faint Constellation of Camelopardalis – “The Giraffe”.

Although Camelopardalis may be the faintest constellation with it’s brightest Constellation Star being only 4.2 magnitude, it is worth the effort to explore this Constellation with Binoculars to see the beautiful Kemble’s Cascade – Asterism.

Look between Cassiopeia and Polaris “The North Star” to find Camelopardalis,
There you will find Kemble’s Cascade, a string of 15 to 25 stars (depending on which binoculars you use) ranging from the 5th to the 9th magnitude. The Cascade spans about 2.5 degrees of sky ending near open cluster NGC 1502, just off the bottom left field in this image. I barely fit this portion in my F.O.V.
Captured at my Observatories on 08-08-2015 using my 5.5 inch F5,Newt. reflector,
& modified Canon Rebel Xsi DSLR, ISO 800, 5minute exposure.