The 2017 Great American Total Solar Eclipse Photos

Here is my Final Master Piece Image showing The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse during Totality in a 5 image HDR – High Dynamic Range shot.
With the Earth-shine Moon, you can barely see the Moon’s surface features, due to reflected light from Earth, The suns edge with Pink Prominence’s, with Inner Coronal loops and full outer Corona Details. The Brightest star in Leo “Regulus” is in the Upper left of the Frame. This is my best Totality image to date! Using my FCD 100mm diameter Explore Scientific Triplet APO Refractor telescope (714mm FL), & Canon 6D Full Frame DSLR @ Prime Focus, 5 Exposures ranging from 1/800 sec for Proms to ½ second for outer Corona & Earthshine Moon Captured August 21, 2017 at The Samford Homestead, in Hopkinsville, KY.
My Personal Best Image of The Great American Total Solar Eclipse or for that matter of any Eclipse over the last 30 years! I am so happy with this one!