NGC-3643 Lenticular Galaxy with Supernova 2020 hvf, is a type Ia Supernova. Put this up full screen…its dead center.
Imagine the amount of energy that is being released by a star that went Supernova and now it outshines it’s parent galaxy that typically has a combined glow of 100 billion to 400 billion suns!

The star that went Supernova(12.8 mag.), actually out-shined the entire galaxy(14.8 mag.)…and has for the last two weeks now. The parent galaxy NGC-3643 is located 95 million light years away from Earth in the Southern part of the constellation Leo.

What I love about Supernova is, being able to see and capture these energetic events across the universe,.. Supernova are amazing, and without them exploding & seeding the Universe, we would have no heavy elements, no planets, no people or animals, no life as we know it!!!

I was lucky enough to have transparent skies in between sucker holes in the clouds last night…a lot of passing clouds, but got off enough shots for stacking. In the entire FOV there are over 60+ small faint PGC galaxies in the background…an entire cluster of galaxies much further away. Blow it up full screen to see them.

This is an 18 minute (Lum) exposure, with a QHY183M monochrome cooled Cmos Camera, bin 2×2, & C6 F5 Newtonian telescope, tracking on a Bisque MyT Robotic mount, from my backyard observatory in Dayton Ohio on 05/22/2020.

Best Regards,

John Chumack