Comet C/2020 T2 Palomar on 05-31-2021 shining at 10.5 magnitude while in the constellation Bootes.

30 x 60 second sub exposures, 30 minutes total integration time.

Tracking & stacking on the comets nucleus. The Nucleus was nearly stellar and very bright, with a 5.5 arc minute Green Coma, Universal date & time was 05-31-2021  02:10 U.T. to 02:43 U.T.

Captured with an Explore Scientific 102mm Triplet APO refractor telescope & QHY183C cooled Cmos color camera, from my Observatories in Yellow Springs, Ohio USA.

Currently as of June 24th the Comet located at 1.54 AU or 12.78 light minutes  from Earth and  it is still in the constellation Bootes shining at Magnitude 10.8,…and is visible with a telescope in the southwestern sky just after dark  and will set  below the horizon by midnight.

Best Regards,

John Chumack