Last Thursday evening 07-23-2020 I was at my brother in-laws place again, this time not as many clouds, but lots of haze especially down by the Comet and the horizon. I can see the Big Dipper above comet Neowise over the Cornfield, near Celina , Ohio tonight. Yes, there are a few faint satellites in the too…The neighbors lights from across the street illuminated the cornfield just enough to help the composition. Ohio is well known for its cornfields, the old saying of the corn should be “Knee High by the 4th of July”, well this cornfield was over 10ft high.

This was only a 30 second exp. at F2, ISO 1250, Canon 6D DSLR Camera, Rokinon 24mm F1.4 lens, “Star Adventurer” Tracking mount. That glow from that town (10 miles away) is really noticeable when there is haze on the horizon, ..From this point on the Comet is dimming rapidly, as it moves away from both the Sun and Earth, It was at its closest to Earth this night,  I estimate the Comet to be about 4th Magnitude at the time. The waxing Moonlight will soon wipe it out even more.
But at least we have a piece of Astronomical history!!!  What a nice little display it has put on for us Northern Hemisphere Observers!

I have a few more really nice close-ups coming this week, taken with the Sigma 150mm lens & Canon 49mm lens coming up this week!!! So stay tuned.


Best Regards,

John Chumack