Simply Beautiful, but often Overlooked!

Gamma Pegasi (γ Pegasi, abbreviated Gamma Peg or γ Peg), formally named Algenib, is a star in the constellation of Pegasus,
located at the southeast corner of the asterism known as the Great Square.

The average apparent visual magnitude of +2.84 puts this star at fourth place among the brightest stars in the constellation.
This is a large star with almost nine times the mass of the Sun and close to five times the Sun’s radius.
The distance to this star has been measured using the parallax technique, yielding a value of roughly 390 light-years(120 parsecs).

Gamma Pegasi has a total luminosity of ~ 5,840 times that of the Sun, which is being radiated from its outer atmosphere at an effective temperature of
more than 21,000 K. At this temperature, the star glows with a blue-white hue.

Gamma Pegasi is also a Beta Cephei type variable star.

Captured with my 12 inch diameter F4 TPO Newtonian Telescope, Bisque ME Mount, & HAP Modified Canon 6D DSLR camera, ISO 800, 6 minute exposure on 01-06-2022
from my observatories in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The Sky X, Canon Utility Capture, Pixinsight, Adobe CS 2022.

Best Regards,
John Chumack