Last nights two of Jupiter’s moons Ganymede & Io both produced a very nice shadow transit..Here is the one of the last captures near the end of the Transit with moon Io casting its black shadow onto Jupiter’s Cloud tops. I watched and captured both transits, and watched Jupiter’s Great Red spot Transit for 4 hours.. I gathered over 120GB of Ser file Video Data. I grab some of Saturn too..that will come later.

Location: Chumack Observatory, Dayton, Ohio
C-11 Telescope & Camera=ZWO ASI224MC
CMI=212.6° CMII=15.7° CMIII=98.9° (during mid of capture)
08-08-2020 04:20 U.T.,
6.4ms exp. Fire-capture Autostakkert, Registax6 Maxim DL, and Adobe CS, stacked 30% of 6000 frames.

Best Regards,

John Chumack