Jupiter & Callisto on 11-18-2014…@ 11:30 U.T.After De-icing the Observatory Dome last evening,..I was hoping the Dome shutter would stay free of ice and snow through morning…and Yeah it did!! Here is Jupiter early this morning! I put on my Arctic -40F Gear this morning to take a crack at Jupiter and its Moon Callisto, the other moons were out of the FOV. The Great Red Spot (GRS) is a persistent anticyclonic storm, 22° south of Jupiter’s equator; observations from Earth establish a minimum storm lifetime between 300 and 400 years. You can see the Great Red Spot(a 400+ mile per hour storm) heading out around the Western Limb.(lower right). The Great Red Spot has been visible on the planet since the Invention of the telescope..over 400 years!

But it never fails, clouds started to plague me right after I got aligned and ready to image around 5:30am, so extreme patience in the brutal cold was the key! Finally got a clear spot long enough to snap off this RGB set around 6:30am!

Captured with the QHY5IIL Mono CCD camera, Optec Intelligent Filter wheel, Astronomiks RGB filters, 2x Barlow, & 10″ SCT scope. Total of 3588 RGB AVI frames stacked in Registax 6. Captured from my backyard observatory in Dayton at 6:30am this morning. BRRRRRR!!!

Best Regards,
John Chumack