Jupiter with its Moon Ganymede showing the moon as a disk with albedo features visible & while Ganymede’s black shadow transits across Jupiter’s cloud tops.
Jupiter’s Great Red Spot (GRS) is directly below Ganymede in this image, as it was about to come around the Limb again,
Captured with my QHY290M monochrome camera & C-11 on 08-01-2021 from my backyard observatory in Dayton, Ohio.
Target=Jupiter, Date: 010821, Time: 08:34 & 083529 UT, Mag: -2.83, Diameter: 48.43, Res: 0.21, Az: 207.11, Alt: 33.38,
Phase: 1.00, CM: CMI=337.1° CMII=287.3° CMIII=105.8°, Camera: QHY5III290M, Scope: C-11, FL: 2850mm, F-ratio: 10,
Observer: John Chumack, Location: Dayton, Ohio, Comment: Fire smoke haze present, Seeing: coming and going 4-6/10, Fire-capture, Autostakkert3, Registax6, WinJupos, Adobe CS.
Best Regards,
John Chumack