There is something magical about Twilight in Alaska….It made for some very interesting shots!I must have taken over 50 of these types of shot each night..killing time until it got dark and as we waited for
Magnetic Midnight to roll around(~1:30am) when the Aurora got really super active here in Alaska.

Here we are at 2880 ft. Altitude with super dry cold air after Sunset into Twilight, the blue sky mixed
with the stars & planets, fading daylight/Civil twilight ~9:30pm into Nautical twilight (~10:30pm) then into
Astronomical twilight by about 11:30pm. It did not get real dark here until after midnight…each night.

Here we have the Stars of the Constellation of Orion on the Horizon, between the trees…We have the Pleiades & Hyades Stars Cluster to the right, and to the Left we have bright Star Arcturus  and at the top of the Frame we have the bright Planet Jupiter!!! There is enough light from twilight to keep the snow illuminated for a nice foreground and excellent tree Silhouettes!

Canon 5D Mark II & Canon 24mm lens, F2.0, ISO 1250, 10 seconds exposure !

Best Regards,

John Chumack