Mars on 11-22-2022 at 09:23 U.T.
A mere 17 arc-seconds across, and currently located 82.537 million km (51.26 million miles) from Earth.

Mars is getting closer and brighter!
C-11 SCT Telescope, Televue 5x Barlow, Bisque MYT mount, QHY462C Cmos Camera, Fire-capture SER Video File, best 20% of 14,000 frames. Stacked in Autostakkert & Registax6, Adobe Raw CC 2023.
Taken from my Backyard observatory in Dayton, Ohio, seeing was just average 5 out of 10.

Martian Surface details: Valles Marineris: the largest Canyon in the Solar System
Tharsis Montes (volcanoes); Olympus Mons(largest Volcano);
Tempe Terra; Solis Planum, Lunae Planum
North Polar Hood,
Some Blue Limb Clouds

Best Regards,

John Chumack