NGC-4565A Edge on Spiral Galaxy in Coma Bernices
NGC-4565 aka the “Needle” Galaxy or Caldwell 38 is an edge-on spiral galaxy about 43 million light-years away in the constellation Coma Berenices.
It lies close to the North Galactic Pole and has a visual magnitude of approximately 10. It is known as the Needle Galaxy for its narrow profile, and
that Central bulge has about 240 Globular clusters hovering around the core, more than our Milky Way galaxy. NGC4565 is a Barred Spiral and one of the brightest members of the Coma Cluster group of Galaxies.
You can see at least two satellite galaxies close by NGC-4565, as well as many fainter small background galaxies in my image.

I included a cropped close-up image as well.

NGC-4565 is one of my favorite Galaxies to look at and photograph..This image is a 180 minute or 3 hours exposure with my C6 F5 Newtonian telescope, & QHY 183M Cooled Cmos monochrome Camera(Lum), taken from my backyard Observatory in the city of Dayton, Ohio on 06-02-2020. And of course I was going to go for another galaxy after this one, but more clouds rolled in.

Best Regards,

John Chumack