Here is My Best shot so far this season of Saturn,
A close-up of The Planet Saturn with its 10th magnitude moon Dione on 08-20-2022, Saturn just reach opposition earlier this month, and the Seeliger Effect was noticeable, back-scatter is occurring making the rings brighter. I can even see spokes in the Rings, and the well defined Cassini Division along with the A ring with Encke division, B, and C rings the darker inner Crepe ring noticeable.

Now that Saturn is past Opposition you can see the Planet’s shadow cast on to the rings in the back left side, Also you can see the Shadow of the Rings being cast onto the planets disk in the front as well. The top of the Planet shows the North Polar Hexagon and also visible are the subtle colors of the Equatorial Belts And Zones on the planets disk itself. Seeing was very good at moments 1:00 am local time, but it didn’t get stable until it reached the Meridian it still sits very low for me here in Ohio,
only 33.9 degrees off the Southern Horizon in Capricorn. So I have to wait until it clears my neighbors trees.
Dione is a moon of Saturn.

It was discovered by Italian astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini in 1684. It is named after the Titaness Dione of Greek mythology.
The mid-sized Moon Dione (Titan is the Largest in the Saturnian System) Dione is about ~700 miles in diameter and completes an orbit around Saturn every 66 hours(2.74 days).
Target=Saturn, Date: 270822, Time: 053239 UT, Magnitude: 0.34, Diameter: 18.63″, Resolution: 0.08″, Az: 192.58, Alt: 33.59, Phase: 1.00, CM: CMI=241.0° CMIII=33.9°, Best 25% of 15,372 SER frames, Fire-Capture, Autostakkert, Registax6, WinJupos, Adobe Raw CC 2022.
Camera: QHY5III462C Cmos, Scope: C-11 SCT, C-Max Barlow, ADC, FL: 7500mm, F-ratio: 26, Bisque MyT Mount.
Observer: John Chumack, Location: My backyard Observatory, Dayton, Ohio, Comment:Seeing: 8/10 pretty good.

Best Regards,

John Chumack