Saturn reaches opposition tonight and
Saturn’s rings show noticeable brightening at opposition, known as the Seeliger effect.
The planet Saturn is currently 828.98 million miles from Earth.

Here is my shot of Saturn from my backyard observatory in Dayton, Ohio
Early Sunday morning.

CMI=323.1° CMIII=254.1° (during mid of capture)
Focal Length=4650mm (F/16) C-11 Telescope(+Barlow), MYT Mount, QHY5III290M, EFW, LRGB Astronomik,
Date: 08-01-2021 07:38 UT
Dayton, Ohio USA
seeing: 5/10 average, fire smoke haze present..
Fire-Capture Software, Ser Files, 32fps,
3039 frames stacked in Autostackert, Registax6, Adobe CS.