Perseid Fireball Meteor Photos –
A Pair of Perseid Meteors — Some Nice Fireballs this year!
Out of the 4,000 + DSLR images that I captured during the 2015 Perseid Meteor Shower, These are my two brightest Perseid Meteors, the biggest one is a fireball that was at least -3 mag.
The pair of Perseid Meteors went ripping past bright star 88 – Gamma Pegasi, (blue star at top) in this close-up image.
Every year the Earth crosses the debris stream left by Comet Swift –Tuttle creating the Perseid Meteor Shower!
The grains of dust are hitting the top of Earth’s atmosphere at 59+ km/s (130,000 mph).
The last few years I have seen lower meteor numbers (40 to 60 ZHR), combined with Poor transparency /weather conditions, but this year was very clear,
and many more (averaging about 80 ZHR) brighter Meteors or fireballs! 2015 Definitely was the Best Perseid Shower I’ve seen in over 10 years!
ZHR = Zenith Hourly Rate
Captured on 08-13-2015
Modified Canon Rebel Xsi, 8mm Fish-eye lens, F3.5, ISO 1600, 15 second exp.
captured at my observatories at JBSPO in Yellow Springs, Ohio.