Thanks to my buddy Tom Bisque for giving me the heads up as he was watching some nice Prominence activity on the Sun from out in Colorado, so I decided at lunch time to go take a quick look from my backyard observatory in Dayton, So glad I did and I captured some of the activity.

I was really pressed for time on my lunch break yesterday, rushing to get a shot off and just before the clouds rolled in, I was able to capture a couple of shots of the Prominence activity on the Sun’s South Eastern Limb.

Here is one of those shots Solar Prominence’s on 03-02-2022, Solar Proms on the Sun’s Southeastern Limb.

Lunt 60mm/50F HA filter Solar telescope, Bisque MYT Mount, QHY290M Cmos Camera, 4.9ms exposure, Fire-Capture SER File, 495 frames stacked in Registax6.
Captured from my backyard Observatory in Dayton, Ohio.

Best Regards,
John Chumack