This is what happens when I visit & stay with my friends or Family while on the road to or from my Astrophotography Exhibits!!!
I often shoot the sky above their Place,…Just saying!!!!!(Invite me and see!!)
Even at -30F in Iowa earlier this month, around Midnight on 02-10-2014
I captured this cool Winter sky Portrait from my good friends Farm in Iowa!!!

Here is Polaris the North Star  with The Little Dipper & The Big Dipper above the Farm House in Dexter, Iowa.

“The Big Dipper & Little Dipper in Winter”
Dexter, Iowa,  -30F,  02-10-2014
Canon Rebel Xsi & 8mm fisheye lens, CG-4Tracking Mount
ISO 400, 64 second exposure

Keep Looking at the Night sky, But Stay Warm!!!

Best Regards,

John Chumack