The Planet Venus imaged Saturday afternoon ( 03-07-2020 05:57 E.S.T. or 03-08-2020 @ 22:57 U.T. ) , and with it showing some details in the Sulfuric acid cloud tops, now that it is high enough in the sky to clear the Neighbor’s trees in the west!  My imaging session was in the daylight between 5pm and 6 pm, to help with atmospheric turbulence, seeing still wasn’t the best, but better than on the horizon from my backyard observatory  in Dayton, Ohio.
Venus is visible to the naked eye in broad daylight if you know where to look, or use your scope goto function, to point to it for you…as long as its not near the sun.(Safety First!)
You can overcome the daylight bright sky background, first I used a long dew cap to prevent stray light from entering the tube, causing extra reflections of the corrector plate….and by turning the camera gain way down and make the exposures really short..similar to imaging the sun, I was able to capture it in daylight when it was nice and high in the sky. I used my QHYIIIL290M. Camera & LRGB_+ IR742_+ UV filter on my C-11 @F10 Scope. Captured with FireCapture software and captured at 112 frames per second. Stack over 8,000 frames in Astrostakkert3, Registax6 for wavelets sharpening, Maxim DL for alignment & assembly RGB, IR+ UV for Luminance, final color balance Adobe CC.

Best Regards,

John Chumack