Saturday was my Sick day, and also my Sun – Day!!! Feeling like crap today, but I felt a little better when the Sky was clear and decent seeing for a change!!! The full disk Hydrogen Alpha Sun, I took a tad bit longer exposure than usual to show the fainter Solar prominences around the limb of the sun! The Giant Sunspot Groups AR1981 & AR1982 are now facing the Earth, we maybe get some x rays class flares in a the next few days!!! I noticed some long Solar Filaments crossing the Solar surface as well. It is really nice to see the sun again!!! I captured many images but am to weak to process them all, but here are a couple I whipped up, time for me to get some rest!

Details: Lunt 60mm/50F HA Solar Telescope & DMK 31Af04 Camera , 1/436 Second exposure.

Remember never look at the Sun, it could blind you instantly, it requires specialized equipment & Safe Solar Filters!!!


Best Regards,

John Chumack