Hydrogen Alpha Sun with active region AR2835 & AR2836 (Lower Right), the Sun was pretty active today with Sunspots, Filaments, Prominences, and active regions AR2837 all visible in this semi close-up image taken on 07-03-2021 at 16:40 UT from my backyard in Dayton, Ohio.
A new sunspot also emerged during the early hours of July 3rd and promptly exploded,
the location was on the northwestern Limb (upper right) with a lot of swirling Prominences on the Sun’s limb still visible. The Sunspot that caused the flare is unnumbered, because it was not there the day before…but appeared Suddenly on the Northwest limb and simply erupted, producing the first X-class solar flare in about 4 years, the last one was Sept. 2017.
The new unnumbered sunspot that caused the Flare has now rotated over the western limb, but you can still see the prominence activity associated with it. Lunt 60mm/50HA Solar telescope, MYT mount, & QHY290M Cmos Camera, Ser video file, 1.497ms exp, 789 frames stacked in Registax6.
Best Regards,
John Chumack