“The Sunglasses” or Number “99”, Inside the shadow of Clavius crater – extreme close-up.

When Clavius crater is in Shadow, but just at Lunar Sunrise the western rim of the crater gets lit up, but two of the smaller impact crater rims (Clavius C & D) within Clavius get lit up as well, their rims sit high enough above the main crater floor, and with the lighting just right, you can see the “Sunglasses” or the number “99”. You have to catch it while its on the terminator, just before lunar Sunrise, so timing is key to glimpse it. You can always find really cool things depending on the time of observation. I captured this one on 07-29-2020

Clavius is one of the largest crater formations on the Moon, and it is the third largest crater on the visible near side. It is located in the rugged southern highlands of the Moon.
The crater is one of the older formations on the lunar surface and was likely formed during the Nectarian period about 4 billion years ago.
Captured from my backyard observatory in Dayton, Ohio with a C11 SCT telescope, MyT Mount, & QHY5III290M mono camera. 07-29-2020 02:23 U.T.