There was a Triangle in the sky around the Moon last Night 05-12-2014 over my neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio!!!!
I used my Canon Rebel Xsi & 8mm fisheye lens to Capture this 8 second exposure, A Triangular pattern created by the Bright Star Arcturus(top) and the Planets Mars(right) & Saturn(left). The Moon & Spica are located at the base of the Triangle.  A Cool looking pattern last night around the Moon!! The Planet Mars was about 21 degrees to the right(West) of the Moon and Saturn was about 19 degrees to the left(East) of the Moon at around 10pm last night.

Keep watching as the Moon is always moving, and tonight 05-13-2014 the Moon will glide within 1 degree of Alpha Libra or Zuben El Genubi and by morning (5:00am)to within a few degrees of the Planet Saturn!

Best Regards,

John Chumack