Day 7 of my “High Resolution Moon Week” Image #7
Tycho & Clavius Craters in the Southern Lunar Highlands
The Final Day & Image for my “High Resolution Moon Week” I hope you all enjoyed the ride.
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These Images were all taken with my “COLO” Setup!
COLO = Chumack Observatory Lunar Orbiter aka my backyard Observatory,
(old orange tube C8 SCT scope, F6.3 & QHY5IIIL290M Camera), these are so close-up and detailed,
I may as well have been in orbit above the Moon.
All images processed in Autostakkert3, Registax6, PS CC 2020,
Fire-Capture Ser video files, 600 to 1200 sharpest frames Stacked.
Tycho & Clavius Craters in the Southern Lunar Highlands
Southern Lunar Highlands region with Impact crater Tycho(top center). Tycho Crater is one of the most prominent craters on the moon and one of the youngest impacts. It appears as a bright spot in the southern highlands with rays of bright material that stretch across much of the nearside. Tycho is about 85 km(53 miles) in diameter, and 4.8 km (3 miles) deep. Impact crater Clavius(top left) is one of the largest crater formations on the Moon, and it is the second largest crater on the visible near side. It is located in the rugged southern highlands of the Moon, Clavius size is 231 km (144.4 miles) in diameter, 3.5 km (2.18 miles) deep.
The Southern Lunar Highlands is one heavily bombarded region on the Moon, So many more impacts in this south polar region. Based on Radiometric Aging of the ejecta blankets, it shows the region was intensely bombarded around 3.9 billion years ago.

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