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52 Cygni and NGC6960 The Veil Nebula – The Witches Broom
A Supernova Remnant in Cygnus, A massive star exploded about 5,000 years ago leaving this beautiful filamentary remnant amongst a star studded field of the Cygnus Milky Way.
I decided to try a close-up with the 12 inch diameter scope this time to explore the filaments of the Witches Broom.
Its only 17 minutes of data with a HAP modified Canon 6D DSLR.
12 inch F4 TPO Scope & Software Bisque ME Mount, HAP Modified Canon 6D DSLR, ISO 800, Astronomik CLS filter, 17 minute exposure, or  (17 x 1 minute) before the clouds rolled in at my observatories in Yellow Springs, Ohio on 10-01-2021.
Best Regards,
John Chumack