Check out my recent shots of the Massive Solar Filament…it’s a long one for sure..

The Sun in Hydrogen Alpha light on 06-18-2022, it’s wonderful to see a very active Sun once again.

There were 9 active regions on the Sun along with many sunspots, as well as a Large Filament stretching at least 20 Earth diameters.

Note all of the Solar Prominence’s around the limb as well.

My Full Solar Disk shot was captured with my Lunt 60mm/ 50 HA filter, Single stack, B1200, , Bisque MyT Mount, QHY5IIL Cmos Camera, 64 ms exposure, 480 images stacked in Registax 6. Adobe RAW CS 2022.

I also Included this nice close-up shot of the Filament with Sunspots /Active Regions AR 3030 and AR 3032.

My Close-up shot of the Large Filament was taken with same scope & mount, but with a QHY290 Cmos Camera, 2.9 ms exposure, 750  images stacked in Registax 6,  Adobe RAW CS 2022.


Best Regards,

John Chumack