Wrinkle Ridges are positive-relief tectonic features found in the mare basalts of the Moon.

Wrinkle ridges formed through faulting and folding indicate compression type stress.

Check out these wrinkled ridges, it is located between Herigonius Crater (Left edge) and Lansberg (bottom edge) and Reinhold Craters (lower right edge)

or go to Lunar Coordinates 325 degrees East and 5 degrees South to find it.


I call this one the dancing Cricket, can you see it, follow the twisting Wrinkled Ridges.


Also note some of the surrounding mountain peaks casting long black shadows onto the Lunar Surface, at lunar sunrise.


Captured on 06-10-2022 with my old orange tube Celestron C8, Bisque MyT Mount, QHY290M un-cooled Cmos camera, 66.3ms exposure, C-Max 2x Barlow,

Fire-Capture Software, Autostakkert, Registax6, Adobe Raw CS 2022. 530 frames Stacked.


Best Regards,

John Chumack