Okay first Night we had snow, but the second night it cleared off and -24F!!!, a bit brutal!
We were treated to a very Nice Kp-3 Aurora Display  outside of Fairbanks Alaska! We experience 6 + hours of colors, some purples & Greens, and occasional streamer of red, over the freshly snow covered trees.  here is one of my shots as the Aurora Display erupted over our newly scouted location!!! It was a grueling treacherous drive on ice & snow covered roads for an hour, with our 4×4 was no problem, it was worth the drive, the new site is Pristine & Fantastic, some very nice views!!!

Can’t wait for our 2015 participants to Arrive today, as more activity is in the Forecast all week! They will be amazed!!!

Is the Aurora Borealis-Northern Lights  on your Bucket List?

Would you like to Join us in March 2016?

You can sign up for our 2016 Photo Tour/Workshop, click the Galactic Trips link on  my website!!!

Oh BTW, Canon 6D DSLR and 24mm F1.4 Lens, 14mm F2.8 lens, & 8mm Fish-eye Lens, typically set all at F2 to F2.8, and ISO 2000 to 3200, for 5 seconds to 10 second exposures!

Best Regards,

John Chumack